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Updates on artakus.net

New section added: words (will be updated by Ahmad Patria personally). Ini adalah 'hadiah' pihak webmaster kepada Abang Pat. Semoga kewujudan bahagian ini akan memudahkan Abang Pat meletakkan segala karya dan 'magis' untuk dibaca oleh semua pembaca dan peminat khususnya.

Books section: sinopsis buku ke-3 (Kembar Artakus) oleh mr. x. Jangan ketinggalan untuk menjenguk dan membaca sinopsis ini. Dan nantikan kemunculan sinopsis buku yang seterusnya.

Salam hormat,


Important announcement

Taken from entry 568 (Olai Tannon)

Dear Aurorans,

What we are doing about Book Seven is actually taking prepublishing orders, as the Book will only be coming out in about 2 months time (it will be sent to the printers next week or the week after next week). Once the book comes out it will be sold at RM 25.00 percopy (sorry about that,but this is a very limited edition and the costs are high). For now we are giving 20% discount for all preorders so that comes to about RM 20.00 percopy. However there is an RM 3.50 postal charge required for mailing it to you guys and girls,so the total comes to about RM 23.50. You may place your orders (please do, please do, heh heh) with the following methods:

1. e-mail to Elaira as she has so kindly announced, at her e-mail address of elaira4ever@yahoo.com OR

2. Call our representatives,En Hanafiah Md Faat at 019-6545455 or Puan Elly Mohd Yusof at 019-6347097 for details and inquiries.

The method of payment is as follows (for all orders, both through email or telephone): Please send your checks or money orders made out to:

PUAN DURASNITA BINTI ABDULLAH, (she's our treasurer)
No 18,Jalan TTJS 3/5,
Taman Tuanku Jaafar,
71450 Sg Gadut,Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus

When you mail your checks/money orders,please also enclose this details:
1.Your full name (so that I can autograph the book in your name)
2.Your address (so I can mail the book to you)
3.Your telephone number (so my representatives can call you if there is something wrong)
4.Number of copies ordered (5? 10? takkan satu je, heh heh)

Oh,and another thing. It would be wise to call our representatives once you have mailed your orders (with the checks,please) so that we will be expecting it. If it doesn't arrive (God forbid) we can call you back, OK? Right, I think thats about it.


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